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, they threatened the west coast of the u.s.. the quake hit at 2:46 tokyo time with a magnitude of 8.9. then came the walls of water. big walls of water sweeping the cars and homes into the waves. president obama spoke with the princer this morning -- to the prime minister this morning. >> i offered our friends whatever assistance is needed. hundreds of bodies were found in the coastal city of sendai. >>> the images struck close to home. a group of boy scouts feared for the lives of their friends. here's more. >> reporter: we've seen the images from destruction. when a group of boy scouts saw the same pictures, they couldn't help but think of their friends. >> the earthquake there was 5 in the seismic intensity. >> reporter: this attorney serves as their scout master and he's traveled to the sister city and he's hosted the students here. >> it's amazing, the bonds in the two week times -- they're strong. scouts continue to communicate to one another by the internet and by facebook. so, when they heard this news, they're concerned. >> reporter: a japanese contingent of scouts traveled here next ye
at home. he is calling for a comprehensive safety review of the 104 nuclear reactors here in the u.s. the president wants to make sure they can withstand earthquakes and other disasters. jamie, back to you. >> have you ever stopped and stared at any street corner in baltimore? notice everybody has a cell phone glued to their ear? how much money is verison and at&t making? second thought, which might be your thought sabt your health. abc2 news, what do you hear? >> jamie, as you know, these dais somebody is texting or talking. i know i'm guilty of it. we are addicted to our cell phones, but is it an unhealthy relationship? this is now more murky. we'll give you the details, which measured their brain activity while they were on a call. basically researchers found there was some activity on their brains when these testers were on a call. the only problem is, their study opens up new questions about whether that activity is good or bad. >> it wasn't abnormal activity. it was normal metabolic activity. clearly related to the cell phone signal. that really is very important information
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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